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We show you how to raise a toast on Madras Day, the right way a�� with cocktails
featuring ingredients typical of the city]

For those of us who would like an easier way to celebrate
Madras Day than via early morning walks and history lessons, watering holes across town offer concoctions that blend the international with a hint of the local. From tender coconut to tamarind and even filter coffee a�� herea��s how to celebrate in style.
a�� Ryan Peppin

Curry Berry @
The Leela Palace
Curry leaves, peppercorns, tamarind pulp and jaggery a�� it doesna��t get more Madras than this. Or does it? While all of the above ingredients feature in Library Blua��s Aqua Regia (worry not, therea��s 60 ml of vodka too), we like the sound of their Curry Berry that mixes rum, tender coconut water and Limoncello in equal portions, with a garnish of curry leaves. Details: 33661234

PARKHYATT7Kaapi Martini @
Park Hyatt
A hot seller at The Flying Elephant, the Kaapi Martini is the slightly bitterA� combination of vodka, Kahlua and South Indian filter coffee decoction. These three simple ingredients are shaken well and poured into a Martini glass, for you to down. For `795. Details: 71771234

Tamarind Smash @Tamrind-Squash-
ITC Grand Chola
Beverage specialist Hannah Keirl has something to offer for both the tippler and the tee-totaler. The Tamarind Smash, one of their signatures, is a mixture of tamarind, cinnamon and brown sugar, muddled and stewed for 45 minutes. This is chilled and served with a dash of lychee and lime, in a terracotta chai cup. The alcoholic version (`700 plus tax) works with tequila or vodka, but Keirl recommends the former, since the natural sweetness of the tequila pairs well with tamarind. Mocktail at `350 plus tax. Details: 22200000

Colonial-Hangover-CocktailsA� A� A� A� Earl of Raj @
Taj Connemara
Take a trip back in time as you sip on Vivanta Colonial Hangover Cocktails at The Verandah. The special menu that launches today, features a fusion of European spirits and Indian spices a�� like the Sassy Lassi (served in a a�?cutting chaia�� glass) with vodka, mango juice, yogurt, honey and cardamom.Or the spicy Earl of Raj, a fusion of gin, Earl Grey tea, lime juice, sugar syrup, bay leaf, cinnamon and cardamom. At `500 each. Details: 66000000



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