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    He was loved by everyone for his weekly quiz show on radio. Now he has switched channels and taken his radio career to the next level. I catch up with my favourite radio presenter, Dr Feelgood Tausif Ahmeda��Ia��ve always loved playing the bakra on his show, by calling him up as Shabeerbhai, in the pasta��to find out more.

    How did the doctor catch a fever?
    It was more a case of the a�?Fevera�� catching the doctor. Ia��ve always said that my radio career happened because of divine intervention, thanks to two people who God used as messengers: Jayalakshmi (friend and former news reader on Jaya TV), who thought I had what it takes, and Niladri Bose who knew I would be a good radio quizmaster. Fever was a natural progression in Goda��s big plan for me.

    Tell us about your new show, Dil Se?
    In terms of music, it is the only station in Chennai to satisfy the cravings of those who love Bollywood classicsa��right from the 70s to 2000. As a show, I aim to do what I love doing best, connect with the local Chennaiite.

    You are called the Indian Dr Ken.
    I dona��t know about that. But juggling two careers, especially if one of them is being a doctor, does give you an amazing perspective on life. Maybe one day Ia��ll be able to do a Dr Ken on radio or TV.

    When will we hear your shayaris?
    I am not sure if the rest of Chennai will enjoy my shayaris as much as you do. Maybe one day, when the occasion demands it, I might feel courageous enough to unleash it on the unsuspecting Chennaiite.

    How are you handlingA�the shift?
    Transitions are always difficult. Especially when you leave something you have established over many years and start from scratch. But the team at Fever is supportive. I look forward to a new beginning.

    Catch the charismatic Tausif every weekday at 9 pm on Dil Se, on Fever 91.9FM
    a�� talkingradio@gmail.com
    The writera��s views expressed here are entirely in his personal capacity.


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