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    Instant foods and wholesome fare for hungry vegetariansA�

    Started by Sri Family Biznet which trains women in the manufacturing of instant Indian food on par with International standards, CafA� Udupi Ruchi is a cheerful, pocket-friendly place to hang out with your friends and family. More so if they enjoy old-fashioned vegetarian South Indian food.
    There is a snacky morning and evening menu and a substantial Bombat Bhojan for lunch. Those with a smaller appetite can choose some of the rice dishes or even a paratha meal. The best part? They avoid preservatives or artificial colours.
    The cafA� located on the service road near the Marata Mandir in Vijayanagar is bright and colourful with al fresco seating and a well lit comfy red and white interior.
    A range of their instant products are displayed prominently and you are informed that the menu is chefless, made from the instant foods range. The trick here is a lot of fresh ingredients are added to make the food tasty and healthy without much effort.

    Main event
    We opted for the Bombat Meal a�� a tray with tasting portions of tomato soup, bisibele bath, vangibhat, curd rice, a delicious vegetable curry and a paratha with a tasty bit of pickle on the side. Raita and boondi, kesari bath and gulab jamoon completed the meal. Surprisingly, the light lemon colour in the kesari bath came from an extract of turmeric, not saffron.
    Some of us wanted to try the snacky food and the management got us crisp methi vadas and rawa dosa, both accompanied with coconut chutney. The vadas were silky soft and delicious inside, absolutely crisp outside and delectable. The Udipi mini bun was like a small brown kachori but when we bit into it, we tasted a soft bready interior with a delicious aroma. It is usually eaten with chutney but would be just as good with any other beverage or even a savory curry.
    Prices start at Rs.30 and go
    up to Rs.125. Details : 9900044283

    a��Vani Reddy


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