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    Evam’s new stand-up celebrates the irreverence in our lives

    IF Chennai is suffering from a want of laughter after hosting the popular Russell Peters recently, it might find its antidote in Evama��s latest offering, Donkey Dies, Father Cries, a stand-up comedy featuring five different voices on random topics.
    Of this and that

    Karthik Kumar, one of Evama��s founders, says they were inspired by a�?the nonsense in our lives.a�? The arbitrary title was kept after comparing individual material and finding nothing in common. a�?The audience would enjoy five flavours more than one, where style and content are different,a�? he explains. Evama��s Standup Tamasha has been witnessing a significant buzz in the last two years. a�?We have a loyal audience among Chennai corporate youngsters, and the stand-up movement is getting a fabulous response.Young people love the irreverence of standup comedy,a�? he says. For example, one of the comedians, S Aravind, has a huge a�?TamBrahma�? following for his act that pokes fun at related rituals. Another member, Naveen Richard, a Coimb-atore native, has a piece that laments the lack of a�?hot girls.a�?

    Speaking aloud

    But how might that sit with disapproving members of the audience? a�?Ita��s important to interact with the audience. Play the room. Observe the audience, quickly edit, and move on.a�? Naming Eddie Izard, Jerry Seinfeld, and the Mumbai-based Tanmay Bhat as his favourite comedians, Karthik describes standup comedy as the greatest dare hea��s ever done. a�?Ita��s like bungee jumping without a rope,a�? he concludes.A�Donkey Dies, Father Cries will take place on November 21 at 8 pm. Tickets are priced at Rs 400. Details: bookmyshow.com

    a��Ashwini Shivaraman


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