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    A new app helps you rediscover outdoor sports, book arenas and host matches

    Only those born in the ai??i??80s and ai??i??90s will know the joy of it ai??i?? the sweat trickling down from the forehead, mud-stained clothes, ripped shoes and high-decibel arguments on scores. Sadly, with todayai??i??s gadgets, gaming consoles and other such paraphernalia, youngsters are unfamiliar with the thrill of playing outdoors. Even the number of playgrounds have been on the decline and these have been converted to parks. This conundrum was one of the reasons a group of five techies, namely Danish Suhail, Gauravjeet Singh, Amit Kumar, Umashankar and Karthik Igoor, decided to co-found Playo.

    An app that connects outdoor enthusiasts on one platform, Playo offers users three things ai??i?? a chance to meet new friends over sports, a provision to book sports arenas nearby and a guide to explore fun things to do. ai???All five of us (co-founders) had the same problems. Though we were keen on playing, we would either not find a place to play or enough people to team up with,ai??? says Danish, co-founder and marketing head at Playo. He adds, ai???Parks were closed all day and had restricted timings. Also, when we started market research, we found out that those who were interested, didnai??i??t have enough friends to form a team.ai??? Playo solves both these problems.

    Once you enter your suburb or area name into the search bar, all the neighbouring sports arenas registered with Playo will pop up. You choose the location and book it. If you are looking to join a game, just enter the name of the sport and all the arenas where matches are scheduled will be listed. ai???Badminton is the most trending sport, followed by football, swimming, tennis and then cricket. It surprises us how cricket comes last,ai??? says Danish with a laugh. A total of 30 sports are listed on the app, and a user could even choose to host a match.

    In Bengaluru, nearly 150 arenas have tied up with Playo. The app is also actively used in three other cities ai??i?? Hyderabad, Chennai and Delhi. The app currently records about 1,000 bookings a day. Hopefully, the group of five friends will bring back the lost joy of the outdoors to millennials.

    Details: playo.co
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