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    Retreats where pindrop silence will help you reconnect with yourself

    Shutting up is nearly impossible with our current lifestyle. But it has benefits that have been extolled through the years by yogic gurus, as well as in books and movies (Eat, Pray, Love, to name one). This year, why not put it to the test? We give you three destinations where you can embrace silence and rejuvenate.

    This luxury yoga retreat in Bengaluru is an ideal getaway if youa��d like to cut yourself off from everything and commune with your inner self. Their five-nights Silent Retreat packagea��in garden or pool side cottagesa��includes personalised pranayama and trataka sessions, walking meditation, rejuvenation massages and yoga nidra. While there, enjoy gourmet vegetarian meals, too. Rs 98,000++ (for single occupancy). Details: shreyasretreat.com

    Amrita Yoga
    At Amritapuri in Kollam, Kerala, you can sign up for a seven-day Amrita Yoga silent retreat, which promises to give you clarity and strength of mind. With a focus on breath and Ma Om mantras, the meditation alternates between sitting and walking. And when Mata Amritanandamayi, or Amma the a�?living sainta��, is at the ashram, you can join her for the meditation. Rs 12,110 approx. Details: 2897578

    Dhamma Paphulla
    Sandwiched between farmland and forests, Dhamma Paphulla, near Bengaluru, offers 10-day Vipassana courses through the year. While there, learn how to calm the mind and develop mastery over it. Beginning with breath and walking meditation, you will graduate to higher levels which promise to help you control stress and attain joy. Free for all. Details: dhamma.org

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