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Ten hours of non-stop performances mark World Dance Day

This Sunday, the Alliance FranA�aise plays host to 108 dancers (aged from eight to 80!), as they come together to perform over 15 dance forms in a 10-hour movement marathon. The brain child of Ashish Mohan Khokar of Dance Discourse, this year is the fifth edition of the danceathon.
Off stage
Organised without any government funding, Khokar describes the danceathon as a true a�?peoplea��s eventa��, attracting nationwide talent. Working since January to devise the programme, over 200 people attended auditions, with 30 then selected for solo performances. a�?Ita��s not like a college function, there is a high benchmark that all performers must reach,a�? shares Khokar, adding that ita��s also a tremendous platform for young performers, many of whom struggle for exposure at professional festivals. Bollywood, jazz, belly dance and almost every Indian classical dance form will be represented, including the Yakshagana from Karnataka, which will be performed by Varshini Hebbar.
Apart from solo performances, dona��t miss the inaugural ceremony, a group performance which showcases a variety of dance styles. a�?Wea��re aiming to take dance off the stage and into the open,a�? explains Khokar. Spectators can pick up books and DVDs on dance, or drop in for the national convention of the Dance History Society. a�?Dance shows have become too one-dimensional. This aims to be more inclusive,a�? signs off Khokar.

Free event. 10 am to 10 pm, April 26.
At Vasant Nagar. Details: 40808181



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