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Sipping a�?The Greena�� to hangover packsa��our favourite things to help you look good and feel great after NYEa��s excesses

With late nights punctuating the last few days of 2014, ita��s no wonder most of us woke up to the New Year tired, groggy and a little hungover. But our tips for dry hair, dehydrated skin, dark circles and a tired body should have you back on your feet ready for the weekend fun.

Text: Surya Praphulla Kumar

Glassful of zing
A boost of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants is exactly what your body is craving now. So why not give Relish Nutritiona��s cold pressed juices a shot? a�?All our juices are extracted by applying pressure and zero heat. This means they retain all their essential vitamins, enzymes, proteins and minerals,a�? says Sowmya Ganesh, one of the co-founders. She recommends a�?The Greena��, a drink made with 1.8 kg of vegetables. a�?The coconut water and pomegranate or watermelon and pineapple are also great options,a�? she adds. These are great if you want to try a one-day liquid detoxA� diet. `160 for a 320 ml bottle (free home delivery on a minimum of three). Details: 9840310312
Mind-2Put your face on
Sporting a raccoon face is a steep price to pay for some NYE excess, but celebrity make-up artist, Ambika Pillai, reassures us that looking luminous is childa��s play. a�?To begin, cleanse your face thoroughly and use green tea bags (brewed, cooled and placed in the fridge for 20 minutes) on the eyes. Do not load your face with make-upa��it needs to breathe after everything you slapped on for the party. Do some spot foundation, especially under the eyes, blend a little cream blush on your cheekbones and dab on some lip stain,a�? she says. As for your eyes, curl your lashes, give it a good slick of mascara and emphasise with a thin, pulled out liner. Details: ambikapillai.com
Eat right
If youa��ve been loading up on salads, well done. But you may be eating them wrong! a�?The best thing to have on a re-charge is a pressed salada��vegetables pressed with salt for an hour,a�? explains Shonali Sabherwal, Mumbai-based macrobiotic nutritionist and the author of books like The Beauty Diet and The Love Diet. a�?The idea is that a quick fermentation brings in the good bacteria and digestive Mind-3enzymes required for your gut to help eliminate any toxicity build up. Also, pressed salads help relieve pressure that may have built up after eating a heavy meal or having a lot of alcohol,a�? she adds. Details: soulfoodshonali.com
Pick me up
Going au naturale is great, but dona��t ditch the bottle completely. Especially when it contains The Body Shopa��s Vitamin E Overnight Serum in Oil. a�?It combines the power of a serum and oil to indulge, replenish and recharge your skin with moisture,a�? informs Aradhika Mehta, the branda��s national training manager. She also draws our attention to something we neglect after partyinga��our hair. a�?Massage warm Rainforest Coconut Hair Oil to rejuvenate a tired scalp and revive circulation. Then wash off, ridding your hair of all the damaging hair styling products, and spray some Wild Argan Radiant Oil on your damp hair to lock in
the moisture,a�? she adds. Rs.695 onwards. Details: thebodyshop.in
Pamper station
This is a no-brainer. Give your body some TLC with some indulgent spa treatments. At Aura, The Park, you can sign up for their one hour pamperHawaiian Massagea��a special blend of thyme, clove and lavender essential oils that loosens muscles to reduce tension, leaving you relaxed and refreshed. Their Kindled Crystal Facial Therapy is a great option, tooa��heated gem stones (like aventurine and jade) are used to induce relaxation and restore your body’s balance. `2,500 plus tax, for both. Details: 42676000
Or check into Espa, at The Leela Palace, for their 90-minute Detox Ritual. A thorough exfoliationa��with a special blend of aromatic sea salts and nourishing oilsa��is followed by an energising detox massage that stimulates the lymphatic system, speeding up the elimination of toxins and excess fluid. A head massage completes the experience. `5,400 plus taxes. Details: 33661234
The kit
When youa��re feeling sorry for yourself on the sofa, regretting that last tequila shot, a headache pack could come in handy. Or maybe some Electral or breath mints. Exciting Lives has put together a hangover pack that includes this and much more. `850. Details: excitinglives.com.
Get up and move

You may be tempted to curl up and play dead for the next couple of days, but moving is good. Trust us. Not only will it get the blood circulating, it will get the liver working faster, too, which is good news after all the drinks you slung back. a�?I would recommend a brisk outdoor walk, maybe on the beach, for half an hour to 45 minutes. However, dona��t take up any high intensity workouts for a week. Let you body heal,a�? advises Santosh Kumar, director of Leap Wellness.