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    Radio has always had the ability to draw listeners. Be it innovative programming or lack of it, there are always takers. Even during an advertisement break, if the ads are well produced, you tend to listen to them and when they are forgettable you still want to listen to them. This is not rocket science but simply about basic human nature.
    Now since radio is a hotbed for the good, the obnoxious and the ugly, there is a lot that comes out but you have to filter through the programmes and figure out what a station is all about. It takes only a few seconds for another station to clone a product. When stations try to reinvent themselves, most of them do nothing apart from changing audio elements on the sound-scape. However, the clatter and the jabber often remains the same.
    There are very few stations in the country who really want to be different, especially if ita��s at the cost of losing numbers. Some have opted for back-to back-music through the day, thereby giving non-stop tunes to listeners. Now wouldna��t you like this scenario where therea��s just music, no presenters and ad breaks few and far between? Thata��s when you realise that these stations know how to build and respect their brand.
    The conflict today is often between the music and the presenter. There was a time when both were accepted with open arms and equal importance. Today, there are no rules to be a presenter. You have the job if you can construct a few sentences gracefully and be irreverent on-air. There are no industrial standards that anyone follows when it comes to selecting a radio presenter, hence some stations are opting to go with the music rather than amateurish presentations. Great signs, as finally a few are bothered about quality control!
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