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    Returning with her second footwear line for high-street retailer Clarks, Orla Kiely talks shoes and inspiration

    Orla Dora Navy Combi LeaLONDON-BASED Irish fashion designer, Orla Kiely has explored her mastery over patterns, textures and colours through hats, handbags, homeware and cars. Last season, the a�?queen of printsa�� partnered with footwear brand, Clarks, to create a quirky line that was so popular that she now has an autumn-winter collection as well. Next month, Clarks stores will feature a capsule collection of six styles echoing design accents from the 60s and 70s. There is The Dotty, a T-bar midheel platform, and everyday options like Dilly and Dixie. a�?a�?Ita��s always a challenge to understand how best to make print work to scale a�� a car is a very different proposition to a pair of shoes, for example.a��a�� begins Kiely, whose line was a big hit at the London Fashion Week in February. The shoes look comfortable, with charming names to boot. More from Kiely on the a�?sexy shoea�� and vintage style:

    The anatomy of the perfect boot?
    The perfect boot for me is one which is comfortable. It needs to be practical and functional of course, to keep the foot warm and dry but there has to be some style element, too.

    Your personal favourite from this A/W Clarks line and why?
    I really like the Orla Daphne Chelsea boot in black from this seasona��s collection. It fulfils all of my practical needs from a boot, but has some great interest with the pony finish. I also like the Dotty shoe. We used this heavily in our AW14 presentation and ita��s the perfect style heel for day or evening. I wear both of these shoes a lot.

    orla_daphne___BlackIdeas that influenced your shoe lines and the vintage connect.
    I have always loved the 60s look inspired by Jane Birkin or Jean Shrimpton. We consistently reference and take influence from the 60s and 70s because we love it. They had so much style in the 70s a�� think Catherine DeNeuve. I love the bold graphic patterns inspired by flowers and nature.

    How does the retro shoe represent Winter 2014 for you?
    We dona��t follow trends and stay true to ourselves. Ita��s a style that, luckily, many love including Alexa Chung, Tennessee Thomas and Kiera Knightly.

    Can a sturdy shoe be sexy?
    Ita��s all about how you wear the shoe and your own attitude.A�From Rs.10,000 to Rs.15,000. Details: clarks.in

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