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    With unusual scripts, these bilingual movies cater to a varied audience

    Knowing more than one language is always an advantage. And making a film in two languagesa��well, it just gives you two times everything: exposure, success and money. Bilinguals have been a favourite with some directors and, with some tweaking the
    script to better suit their audiences, they have been hits, too. Like last yeara��s Kamal Haasan film, Vishwaroopam, that went
    on to do really well at the box office. Herea��s looking at this yeara��s six big bilingual releases.

    Vaayai-moodi-pesavumVaayai Moodi Pesavum
    Director: Balaji Mohan
    Cast: Dulquer Salmaan,A�Nazriya Nazim
    Language: Tamil and Malayalam
    From the director of Kadhalil Sodapuvadu Eppadi, this film is a fun entertainer with a strong concept. It also marks the Tamil debut of Mammoottya��s son, Dulquer Salmaan. a�?The story has a tricky plot and we are being very careful not to reveal anything from the movie,a�? says director Balaji Mohan. The Malayalam version is titled Samsaram Arogyathinu Haanikaram.a�?Like this one, myA� previous movie was also a bilingual because I thought the script and concept would suit both the languages. This movie will be a lot of fun and I think it will entertain both audiences.a�?

    Need to know: Anirudh Ramachandran was signed on as the music director, but he backed out after some trouble.A� Independent musician Ragahvendra, aka Sean Rolden, has scored the music.



    Director: Gnana Rajasekaran
    Cast: Abhinay Vaadi, Suhasini Maniratnam, Kevin McGowan
    Language: Tamil and English
    Tracing the life of the Indian mathematics genius, Srinivas Ramanujam, the film set in the 1900s concentrates on his early years in Cambridge University, during World War I. a�?a�?I wanted to do a film that will have a world-wide approach. When it comes to bilingual movies, the reach is great,a�? says the lead actor Abhinay Vaadi. a�?And if it is English, then you can be assured of a bigger audience and your movie goes to another level.a��a��
    Need to know: The soundtrack was recorded in the Bauer studio, Germany, and the moviea��s first look was released on December 22 last yeara��Ramanujama��s 126th birthday.

    Anamika-watermarkNee Enge En Anbe?
    Director: Sekhar Kammula
    Cast: Nayantara, Pasupathi, Vaibav Reddy
    Language: Tamil and Telugu
    A remake of the Hindi movie, Kahaani, it has Nayanthara sporting a new look. It is the tale of a woman who comes from London to Kolkata to track down her missing husband. However, everyone denies ever having met him. In the Tamil version, it will be called Enge En Anbe. a�?a�?I play a policeman in the movie. This is my first bilingual and, as an actor, Ia��ve got exposed to both audiences. It is not difficult doing a bilingual. We had to say our dialogues in Tamil and Telugu only in the close up shots. In the long shots nobody will know the difference,a��a�� says Vaibhav Reddy.
    Need to know: The script has been tweaked and Nayantara doesna��t play a pregnant woman.

    3-Genius-Movie-Stills-(23)3 Geniuses
    Director: P K Rhaj
    Cast: K Bhagyaraj, Shashi Tharan Sangeetha
    Language: Tamil and Malay
    A science fiction, the movie has three child geniuses who invent a chip that can be implanted in the human body. Hailing from Malaysia, Gautham, Ghani and Grace play the three geniuses. The movie will focus on the advantages of atomic energy and nano technology. Bhagyaraj plays the role of a scientist who encourages the prodigies.
    Need to know: This is the first Malaysian-Tamil film. It has four antagonists from four different countriesa��Pakistan, Singapore, Nigeria and Arabia.

    JK Enum Nanbanin Vaazhkai
    Director: Cheran
    Cast: Nithya Menon, Sharwanand, Prakash Raj
    Language: Tamil and Telugu
    The movie is based on the advantages and pitfalls of social media. According to director Cheran, it is based on the protagonist, Sharwanand, and his use (or misuse) of his Facebook account. a�?a�?Bilinguals are a lot of work and is extremely hectic. I had to work on both scripts separately to suit the audiences. This is a thought-provoking movie,a��a�� he says.
    Need to know: This will be the first Tamil movie to be releasedA�on the Internet, DVD andA�satellite on the same day as itsA�theatrical release.

    NIMIRNTHU-NIlNimirnthu Nil
    Director: Samuthirakani P
    Cast: Jayam Ravi, Amala Paul
    Language: Tamil and Telugu
    An orphan who goes through tough times, turns into a revolutionary who wants to change the world without resorting to bloodshed. Nani will play the hero in the Telugu version, Janda Pai Kapiraju, which was shot simultaneously.
    Need to know: It is said to have the longest action sequence in Tamil cinema.

    – Mrinalini Sundar and Nivedhitha Sathyanarayanan


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