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ExperienceA�desert delights in true Rajasthani way

What better way to enjoy winter than to relish hot platters straight from Rajasthan and Gujarat? A delight for vegetarians the fine dine restaurant Utsav based at Jubilee Hills is offering mouth-watering delights from both these two states as part of their food festival a�?Padharo Mhare Desa��. It will be on till February 1.

The starters are tidbits of paneer. Paneer Tikka Masala is served with green chutney and chunks of crunchy fresh vegetables. As part of their menu are delights both from Rajasthan and Gujarat but you have to take your pick from the buffet. Therea��s Daal Baati Churma on which you can pour dollops of ghee.

Other than bowls of dhoklas, theplas and chutneys their special dish from Gujarat Doodhi Methi Nu Saag which is a spicy and mildly sweet preparation of bottle gourd and fenugreek leaves. Dhania Aloo Mangori is another seasonal delight relished with thepla or steamed rice. Another accompaniment is Matar Pulao. Achari Ker Sangri is worth trying as the taste notes are delicately balanced.

The highlight for this food festival is the array of desserts that makes for a perfect lunch for anybody having a weakness for sweets. The sweet section is set with live counters complete with griddles on which little sweets are prepared all warm and dripping with sugar syrup. The sweet list comprises hot gulab jamuns, pethas, rabdi and even jalebis.

The brownie point for foodies here is that the waiters are all dressed in traditional Rajasthani attire and as the guests enter a tilak is put on their forehead the way guests are welcomed in Rajasthan and Gujarat states. Time: 12.30 pm onwards. Price: `359++ taxes. Details: 65136544


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