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    Chennai-based designer Thangam Mathai of Mayuri Sarees, brings her latest collection to the city this weekend. To be showcased at Raintree, her designs are known to be innovative and colourful with woven borders, interesting prints and a mix of different textures through applique and brocade work. a�?The line Ia��m bringing falls under my a�?Be Bolda�� theme. Some also have an interesting mix of fabric and embellishments with striking combinations of prints. The fabrics can be worn as a sari or converted into Indian or Western garments,a�? reveals Mathai, who has also started designing fabrics in addition to saris, to cater to a wider audience.

    Purely natural, the fabrics include tussar silks, Chanderi, super knit or mooga (a blend of cotton and silk), silk Kotas and traditional silk saris. A cocktail of floral prints and motifs and multicoloured checks, with plain or temple borders, the most noticeable feature is the solid colours in each piece, which lends them an elegant quality.

    Taking inspiration from the idea of the bold, new age woman, Mathaia��s aim while designing the pieces was to a�?make women stand outa�?. a�?Ia��ve always been excited by nature and colours. So the designs Ia��ve used are borrowed from nature. My saris do all the talking,a�? says the designer who has dressed prominent actors from the South, like Suhasini Maniratnam, Amy Jackson and Trisha Krishnan.
    Working with weavers based in Benaras, Maheshwar, Chanderi, and a few villages around Tamil Nadu and Andhra, Mathaia��s aim is to continue making more fabrics as opposed to saris.

    `3,000. August 7 a�� 9. At Sankey Road.
    Details: 22354396

    a��Rashmi Rajagopal


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