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    Tahera Peeran givesA�functionality an eclectic twist

    BuyLeadNewTahera Peerana��s tryst with fashion began as a young girl enamoured by the effortless style of old Hollywooda��s Audrey Hepburn and Vivien Leigh. a�?I fell in love with fashion through the movies a�� the beautiful costumes and the attention to detail,a�? begins the designer who set up her label, Tahera, in 2008. City-based Peeran, creates Western ensembles with Indo-Western elements.

    The big league
    With the support of Prasad Bidappa and Priya Kishore of Bombay Electric, Peeran soon debuted at the India, Colombo and Dubai fashion weeks. Today, her bridal gowns are popular for their a�?handmade exclusivitya�� and her cocktail wear for its mix of fun and individuality. a�?I am very passionate about working with the traditional techniques of shibori, batik and hand painting. And I try to see that each piece is exclusive and handcrafted yet affordable,a�? she tells us. She uses an interplay of colours, hand-made rosettes, drapes and pleated accents to add dimension and personality to each piece.

    Peeran draws her inspiration from everything around her, but her love affair with old Hollywood is still evident in the soft fabrics and flowing silhouettes that feature prominently in her pieces.

    On the racks
    Her current collection carries her signature a�?romantic moderna�? style with clean lines and soft shades merging with modern prints andBuyLead6 bold motifs. a�?My current collection, called Coming Full Circle, was inspired by the journey that women undertake in their lives toward wholeness and balance. A circle represents balance, symmetry and completion, and that motif figured heavily in my collection both on fabrics as well as the drape and pattern of the dress. It also incorporated all the techniques I had explored as a designer since I started. From draping to shibori to appliquA� to intricate hand embroideries,a�? she tells us of the range of dresses, skirts, blouses, gilets and Indian ensembles featured in the line.

    Peeran is open to customisation as well as bridal orders that take a minimum of two months. Rs.A�5,000 upwards. At Richmond Town. Details: 9886720774

    a��Susanna Chandy


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