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    This ecommerce site has a different kind of saree pact

    The time for giving is here. On the ocassion of Diwali, e-commerce site Limeroad.com has pledged to donate one crore sarees to under-privileged women in India with their a�?Mission: One Crore: Pledge a Saree. Pledge a Smilea�� campaign. They have partnered with Goonj, the award-winning NGO which is known for its donation campaigns.
    To participate in the pact, users can log in to the app or website and hit the banner which says a�?contribute nowa�?. A form pops up where one can enter their address and it shows you the location of the nearest collection centre. Once the contribution is made, the folks at Goonj use their channels to distribute the sarees across the country to those in need.
    The platform chose the saree as the symbol of the pact because it bridges gaps between the urban and rural. With a saree there is no confusion regarding sizes, as the average waist size in urban and rural Indian cities are drastically different. The saree is also multipurpose and can be used as bed sheets, and even, as is the practice in rural areas, nappies and sanitary towels.
    They have already received an overwhelming response. 15,000 people have pledged to contribute and they have collected 12,000 pieces so far. a�?While our business continues to grow, this festive season, we urge all of India to not merely buy for themselves, but to pause, think and pledge for others who are less fortunate,a�? sums up Suchi Mukherjee, founder and CEO LimeRoad.

    Details: limeroad.com

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