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    Dualist Inquiry is back with a new albumA�

    SAHEJ Bakshi, the man behind Dualist Inquiry, just wrapped up a gig in Bengaluru as part of the tour promoting his new album. Titled Dreamcatcher, it features 12 electronica tracks and boasts his trademark guitar licks and experimental sounds. We chat with him about its conception and featured collaborations.

    How was the new album conceived?
    Ita��s music that Ia��ve been working on for the past two years. Ita��s been a lot of work, but extremely rewarding at the same time. The response has made all that effort worth it. Unlike the last time, I was more familiar with the dos and dona��ts of writing an album. I guess that was great information to have on hand. This album features my first-ever collaborations with many singers.

    Who are the collaborations with?
    I have collaborated with Kavya Trehan, the singer from the band Mosko, musician Sohrab Nicholson and Josh Fernandez from Chennai-based outfit, The F16s. Theya��re all close friends and all these tracks came about naturally, and not as force-fits for the album, per se. I think thata��s what makes each song that much more special. Apart from the musical side of things, the album is also a multi-disciplinary art project, and I have collaborated with artistes such as Harikrishnan Panicker and Misha Ghose a�� both highly respected individuals from their respective fields, to help create the art and the videos around the music.

    Tell us about the tour you are on.
    Ita��s really an awesome feeling to play stuff thata��s taken so much time to work on. The response has been great, and the positivity that the fans have shown to the new tracks is heart-warming. Wea��re also building a large live show titled Dreamcatcher Live that wea��re taking to festivals, and thata��s really exciting too.Details: facebook.com/dualistinquiry

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