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    Frock Island by Chennai designer Shruti Charan comes armed for the heat, in linen and cotton

    _U5A0499-Edit1_NIM8878 (1)Twenty eight-year -old marketing executive turned designer Shruti Charan professes she isA� an avid dress lover and a minimalist. a�?a�?I believe ita��s one complete garment that can be worn without any fuss.a��a�� It is no coincidence then that Charana��s Chennai-based label, Frock Island, is devoted entirely to chic cotton and linen dresses that she promises a�?a��are as modest as possible, so that one can wear them anywhere in the city without being consciousa�?. The army kid, who has also worked as a professional stylist, believes that her designs are the perfect option for fashion forward Chennaiites who suffer the slings and arrows of outrageously warm weather throughout the year.
    The works
    a�?Frock Island was ideated because I wanted to give Chennai women a break from wearing stifling skinny denims in this heat. When it comes to western apparel, most of the international high-street labels flood the market with synthetics which are not suitable for us at all.a�? Staying cool and looking haute in the array of a�?soft whites, to feminine polka dots to stripes and checksa�? that Charan has _U5A0616used in her debut collection, seems ideal. a�?There are also bright colours and prints so that they appeal to a variety of audiences,a�? she adds. We loved the baby blue flamingo-print shift and the sunshine yellow sun dress, amongst other versatile designs. a�?a�?The cuts are all classic and simple that flatter most body types. Nothing is too tight or clingy,a�? describes the former marketing executive (Ganjam, Bengaluru). The two-and-half month old label which was launched by the Christ College graduate on Facebook in December 2015 is gaining a steady coterie of fans without any advertising, in part due to the quality that Charan promises, at accessible prices.
    No rush
    a�?I moved here from Bangalore in May 2014 after I got married and I love this city ! Ita��s got a great vibe and lovely people,a�? enthuses Charan. In answer to what we can expect next from Frock Island, she tells us that she hopes to retail in select boutiques in Pondicherry and Goa but is in no hurry to open her own boutique soon. We can expect new dresses from her at regular intervals, say during summer, autumn etc.
    Rs 1,850 onwards, up to Rs 3,750.
    Details: facebook.com/frockisland.in, shrooooti@gmail.com

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