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Volunteering to be designated driver for the night does not have to be such a drag after all. Not with our list of watering holes and their innovative drive-safe concoctions which are served up sans alcohol but with a whole lot of panache.

High Ultra Lounge
Try the Kiss of Flame at this towering hotspot with its spectacular 360 degree view of the city. A tropical mocktail which combines the flavours of fresh pineapple, orange, raspberry, passion fruit and Asian spices, it also has a twist of lime and a dash of chilli for that perfect
finish. Served up perfectly chilled in a hurricane glass. Rs. 350 ++. At
Brigade Gateway. Rajajinagar. Details: 45674567

Mang-ito crafted by beverage manager Manu Manikandan mixes mango juice with coriander leaves, lime wedges and sugarA� topped with crushed ice and soda. Exactly, what you need to drown your non-drinking woes. Rs. 350++. At The Market, Residency Road. Details: 49148000

The Oberoi
Shashank Sharmaa��s green tea and lychee cooler is a refreshing blend of green tea and fresh lychee juice to keep you cool and hydrated. Served with a dash of lime and sugar syrup on the side. Rs. 650++. At Polo Club, MG Road. Details: 25585858

Olive Bar & Restaurant
Mint N Ginger sees mint leaves and homemade ginger syrup come together in this pleasant sweet and sour concoction finished with a
lemonade. Rs. 250 ++. At Wood Street. Details: 41128400


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