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    If you ever do a stint in a radio unit, remember there will be a lot going on around you that will amaze and amuse you. There are all kinds of a�?humansa�� in a radio stationa��the trick is to observe them and have a laugh later. Apart from the hysterical joy and uncontrollable laughter that radio brings us, ita��s probably the only medium that encourages and recruits drop outs.
    If you do a bit of research, youa��ll find that in most stations, there are always a few whoa��ve had the Captain Kirk moment and taken that bold step to say a�?noa�� to education at some point in their lives. That said, some of these individuals are assets to a radio station and turn out to be more valuable than the ones whoa��ve crossed their a�?Ta��s and dotted their a�?Ia��s in college. They often stick to their jobs and stay far away from the vulture culture that is still prevalent in many stations. In a nut shell, work gets done by them.
    On the flip side, you have another set of individuals who just sit there like stage props. They give the word a�?joblessa�� a new meaning. You may wonder as to how they got in, but trust me you will never find an answer. I think they exist because of great doings in their previous lives. The karma they possess, coupled with the ability to hit right click and refresh at high speeds on a daily basis, make them stand out. They also have a great sense of punctuality and are always on time for work and the first to leave with their bags and lunch boxes when the bell rings.
    They are numero uno when it comes to praising someone and could even convince a butterfly that it had the ferocity of a black widow. If youa��re in a radio station, then you know who these people are. You should get them to read this column; maybe todaya��s space will sound familiar to them.
    See you next week with more radio talk.



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