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    Chennai gets access to the entire TNT range of bikes by Benelli, at the Italian motorcycle gianta��s new showroom on Anna Salai

    Thin crust pizzas, carbonara, gorgonzola and some of the oldest wines in the world a�� if ita��s Italian, therea��s a very big chance wea��ll go for it. Dona��t believe us? Try these sales figures for proof. a�?In 30 days of our showroom launch, wea��ve done 35 bookings a�� the response has been overwhelming,a�? says Prabu V, the sales head at Chennaia��s spanking new DSK Benelli showroom. Barely a month after the joint venture between DSK Motowheels and Italian biking brand Benelli resulted in five new bikes and a showroom in Mumbai, Chennaites have had access to their range of naked bikes that begin with that catchy (might we add explosive) prefix, TNT (Tornado Naked TRE).
    The line up
    Starting with their TNT 300, DSK Benelli gives you access to a total of six models. And since space does not permit us to rave about all of them, wea��ll leave you with nuggets on the ones that matter the most a�� the TNT 600i and the TNT 600GT. These are the bikes we predict will be seeing a lot of mileage in the city, both for their tech specs (both sport four cylinder, liquid-cooled engines) and their good looks that would give any Ducati a complex. The TNT 600GT in particular, is what you should be looking at if youa��re the kind that spends a lot of time on the highway. And if youa��re looking at an entry level Benelli, packing 38.4 bhp, the TNT 300 will easily blow your helmet off.
    At your service
    As has become customary with any auto showroom worth its salt, DSK Benelli stocks up on performance-increasing add-ons for your bike, besides riding jackets and full riding suits for you (there are also analogue watches from Rs 5,200 onwards). Made with rubberised mesh and in-built armour, the latter will set you back upwards of Rs 45,000. We however, await their DOT (Department of Transport) certified helmets that are expected to be available (at a price tag of Rs 13,000 plus) once their service centre in Saligramam opens shop. And if the 30-day delivery was not bonus enough, bike owners also get a two-year free Roadside Assistance Service that allows them free pick up within a radius of 180 kms from the service station in case of breakdown. Time to suit up for a test drive!
    TNT 300 costs Rs 3,45,000 on-road. Details: dskbenelli.com, 9952951414

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