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    Why Eesha Zaveria��s contemporary take on crystal clusters deserves a closer look, at Brass Tacks

    IMG_4453Mumbai-based bijoux designer Eesha Zaveria��s enthusiasm for bling is contagious. a�?I change my jewellery every time I change my outfit.a�? giggles the 26-year-old. A glance at her range of vibrant a�?Druzya�� jewellery will have you loading up on the trinkets yourself. Inspired by geometry, the NIFT graduate presents the latest designs of her silver and gold-plated contemporary pieces at Brass Tacks.
    All that glitters
    Featuring a specially curated collection of rings, earrings and bracelets, the a�?Druzya�� selection will vie for attention alongside Zaveria��s tamer collection of smaller earrings and studs. a�?Druzy is basically the glittering effect of tiny crystals that are naturally formed atop mineral stones. Naturally white, we dye the stone in a variety of coloursa�� pink, blue, green, yellow and purple. I love the texture of druzy and the way it sparkles when worn. My designs are simple and uncomplicated since the stone is the show-stopper. My design aesthetic is based on geometry. I love playing with angles and colours. I like to keep the design easy to approach and then play with the hues,a�? explains the jewellery maven whose creations have been worn by fashionable ilk such as Anushka Sharma, Jacqueline Fernandez and Mini Mathur.
    Colour crush
    Even as a little girl at school this Baroda native always wanted to make jewellery.A� a�?I love wearing long earrings. But recently lots of customers asked to see more studs. So I designed 30 studs and small earrings for everyday wear using my favourite shapes in nature. I added a whole lot of summer colours, some rings and cuffs, and my latest collection was good to go!a�? shares Zaveri, of the inspiration behind her new line. Started in 2011, the brand is constantly evolving and the designer adds, a�?I love meeting women wearing my jewellery. Since I started making ceramic and bead jewellery I hope the natural progression is towards finer but affordable materials. I aim to make my brand a one-stop-shop for jewellery lovers.a�?
    Rs 950. At Brass Tacks, from today. Details: 42081767, eeshazaveri.com

    Shibi Kumaramangalam


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