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    Apparao Galleriesai??i?? latest showcase has two artists in focus Cheap tegretol xr

    With two artists showcasing at Apparao Galleriesai???s newest exhibition, starting today, the differences in both create a charming interest element.Ai?? Titled Between The Folds, it features the works of English artist, Sophie Jo, and New Delhi-based Ankon Mitra, both flaunting unique styles, ideas and mediums. While Sophie attempts to capture the spirit of crowds and people across the world on oil on canvas paintings, Ankon tries to come up with as many shapes and figures as possible by folding aluminium sheet (industry-grade) and brass. Sophie, who is also a graphic-designer and illustrator, admits that she is very impressed by Ankonai???s works. ai???I have not collaborated with him before and I am looking forward to this experience. It is not about collaboration, its about two contrasting minds and their contrasting approaches to creativity,ai??? she says.

    Her 11-piece collection for the event is called People of the World. ai???This collection is largely about people from our immediate environment. It is mostly about painting and interpreting what I see, without forgetting humour, details and colours, which are the three main ingredients in my work,ai??? she explains. Ankonai???s methods seem to be a bit more complicated. ai???I make customised tools to bend aluminium onto wooden shapes (or stencils), and then I transform them into the designs I desire; that are mostly inspired by nature and birds,ai??? he explains, adding that unlike paper, aluminium needs more mastery for origami designs.
    Today, to December 12. Details: 28332226



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