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    Shabana Azmi on her upcoming performance in the monodrama, Broken Images. Where to buy renagel

    Coming to the city soon,withAi??a solo performance in theAi??Alyque Padamsee-directed, Broken Images, is Shabana Azmi, playing the dual role of sisters Manjula and Malini. The psychological thriller written by playwright Girish Karnad (originally in Kannada), delves into the inner turmoil of Manjula, a hitherto unsuccessful Hindi writer who becomes famous after writing an English bestseller. Talking about her characters in the monodrama, Azmi says, ai???A little-known face in Hindi, she (Manjula) has now acquired an international image and has inherited problems of loyalty and betrayal. All of us can relate to both Manjula and Malini, in a little way; weai??i??ve all got positives and negatives, we are flawed in some way, thatai??i??s what makes us human.ai??? The seven-year-old play, produced by theatre personality Raell Padamseeai??i??s Ace Productions, has Malini as a prerecorded image on a television screen and Manjula as the live character on stage. It is one of the most technically-challenging plays that Azmi has performed in. ai???I had to do Malini in one single shot of 44 minutes and I got it right in the first take. It is a first in my career. The timing is crucial. Also, if I make a mistake while playing Manjula, I have no co-star to rescue me because Malini is a prerecorded image. It requires fierce concentration,ai??? says the Mumbai-based actress, who admits that though she admires all the playwrights she has worked with, she has no plans of penning her own play anytime soon. Broken Images is headed to Bengaluru next.
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