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    The Irish House arrives, with exquisite beers and decadent eats

    Exposed brick walls, wooden and green accents (in keeping with the Irish theme), beer barrels and motorbikes hanging off the ceiling, and clever quotes by revered historic names (a�?The problem with the world is that everyone is a few drinks behinda�� by Humphrey Bogart, being one), are a few things you take in as you enter the bright and airy premises of the newly launched, Irish House. After the overwhelming success of their outlets in Mumbai, Pune, and Kolkata, the gastro-pub opened its doors in Bengaluru last week. It may be located a little out of the way for some, but we found that ita��s worth the trek across town.
    Known for their extensive selection of beers, ita��s a shame that the Bengaluru outlet does not have all the brands available elsewhere (government regulations, it appears). Although, what they do have is worth a mention a�� from Chinaa��s Pearl River and Tsing Tao to Corona Extra (Mexico) and Praga Premium Pils (Czech Republic).
    Those not too keen on beer, but want in on the Irish vibe, must try some of their sinful cocktails. The Irish Trash Can does not sound appetising, but is a visual treat. A blend of vodka, gin, blue curacao, and peach extract, it is served in a large mug with an inverted can of Red Bull. The Red Army, is a mix of Jagermeister, Teachera��s and Cranberry juice a�� perfect for a sultry yet cloudy day. For something more tropical and sunny, opt for the Jack Sparrow a�� Jack Daniela��s, banana puree and pineapple juice.

    Pub grub
    The food is hearty, generous and decadent, so the best way to experience the true spirit of Irish House is to simply let yourself go. Start with the Sweet Potato Fries. The sweetness and crisp texture of the potatoes, combined with the savoury, tangy spice rub makes this one a must try. The Handcrafted a�?Cuban Cigarsa��, made with cigar-shaped phyllo pastry, are available in two variations a�� cheese and chilli, and pulled pork. Slightly sweet, the pork version also includes harissa and chilli flakes.
    The section dedicated just to fries is definitely a crowd puller. Choose from options like Good Ola�� Mac N Cheese (with macaroni and cheese with cheese sauce), and The Angry Bird (cheese, spicy chicken, smoked hot sauce, and a fried egg).
    The Community Eatsa�� section has more substantial offerings, like the Hummus Platter (with classic and paprika hummus, mini pita bread, falafel, lavash, carrot sticks, cucumber, gherkins and a Mediterranean salad), and The Melting Pot a�� beer or jalapeno fondue with baby potatoes, mushroom, tomato wedges, focaccia croutons, and broccoli. The line-up of burgers (Cheeky Grilled Chicken, Sloppy Pig Out, Shroom Melt), pastas (Huntera��s Penne, Fusili Paprika, Drunken Fettucine) and a�?Pub Favouritesa�� (Supreme Burrito Bowl, Irish Fish and Chips) have you well covered for mains.
    End your Irish adventure on a sweet note. We suggest the Topsy Turvy Apple Cinnamon Cake, served with a hot cup of coffee, or Dual Chocolate Torte.
    `1,800 for two. At VR Mall, Whitefield. Details:

    a�� Rashmi Rajagopal Lobo


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