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    Lou Majaw reminds us why Bob Dylana��s rock songs are still relevant, with a tribute performance.

    LOU Majaw has been singing Bob Dylana��s songs for 44 years, and his admiration has not waned. The singer does a tribute to the American rock legend every year in Shillong, commemorating his birthday (on May 24). But Dylan fans in the city needna��t head to the hilly terrain to catch the show; Majaw will be in the city tomorrow, to belt out songs like Blowina�� in the Winda��along with partners Arjun Sen (guitar), Albert Ryntathiang (bass guitar) and Sam Shullai (drums)a��at the Bob Dylan Tribute by Lou Majaw.
    Majaw, who has also done tribute shows for the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Elvis Presley and Bob Marley earlier, says, a�?Dylan created an impact that has continued all these years. My admiration is for the depth of his lyrics and his music that beautifully weaves them in.a�? In fact, he admits that Dylana��s songs helped him overcome his early years of hardship, hailing from an economically disadvantaged family.
    After the Chennai concert, the 69-year-old will be paying his annual tribute to Dylan on his 75th birthday this year, in Shillong. a�?I believe, through my tributes, more people will get to know him and how meaningful his lyrics still are,a�? adds Majaw, who named his son Christopher Dylan Majaw after his favourite songwriter-singer.
    Majaw also released his own album, The Road Ahead, a compilation of eight of his performances, to mark his 50th year in music last year. He plans to release another one next year. So what would he do if he ever met the Grammy award-winning Dylan? a�?It will be a hello and a thank you for giving so much to the world, and especially to me,a�? he smiles.
    Tomorrow at Phoenix MarketCity, from 7 pm. Free entry. Details: 30083007

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