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    When you are accepted by the listeners, therea��s no turning back for a presenter. Ita��s up and away from there onwards. But when you are given a pat on the back by the station you work for, ita��s a different feeling altogether. I chatted with Radio Mirchia��s Ajai Titus to find out more about him being crowned the a�?Employee of the Yeara�� at a recently-concluded evening in Jaipur, interestingly themed Dabaang.

    What should we know about the Dabaang evening?
    Ita��s an annual event awarding the best performers of the company. It was a themed party and this yeara��s theme was villains a�?na�� vamps. It was a riot and we had a blast.

    How does it feel to be employee of the year?
    Ita��s a huge boost and it feels so good to be recognised. This obviously motivates me to better myself and take my craft to the next level. Ia��m extremely happy that I was chosen the Dabaang for this year.
    What made you stick with the medium for over a decade?
    Ita��s simply the pure love I have for music. Ia��ve always listened to insane amounts (sic) of songs. SoA� I thought to myself, what if I become a hosta��it will help me get even even closer to the music I love. So as long as there is music, Ia��ll be in the medium. I can never get bored of doing this; ita��s like a new song every day. That sort of sums up my life until now.

    A sneak peek into your acting experiment.
    Ah, now that was a fun experience. I never imagined myself as an actor. Director Vijay gave me an opportunity to be a part of his latest movie, Idhu Enna Mayam. Ia��m one of the friends in a group, who turns his passion into a career.

    Ajai Titus scales heights effortlessly. The pocket-size dynamite is ever-evolving and never ceases to surprise us with his bag of tricks. See you next week with more talk from the world of radio.
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    The writera��s views expressed here are entirely in his personal capacity.



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