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    It isn’t often that the distinct sound of a sitar, tabla and the alto saxophone blend to give you a singlular, perfect tone. Now Trio Benares has found a way to fuse pure Indian classic and contemporary jazz music effectively. And it was not mere chance that brought the three – Roger Hanschel and Deobrat and Prashant Mishra, together, but as Hanschel explains, a mutual respect for each other’s talent and art. In 2013, when Hanschel visited the Mishras to study Indian classical music, they then played at a concert together in Cologne, and their sounds clicked. “Our music carried distinct Indian classical and jazz influences, but in a unique style,” says Hanschel.
    Fusion beats
    Deobrat and Prashant hail from a long line of maestros. Deobrat says his father (well-known sitarist Sivanth Mishra) encouraged him to explor1e music. “Being a famous sitar player and an exponent of the Benares Gharana school of Hindustani classical music, I learned all that I know from him,” he shares. Prashant on the other hand is devoted completely to the tabla and Hanschel to the saxaphone. “At 11, I went to a saxophone concert, fell in love with the instrument and have played it ever since,” he declares.
    Speaking of the show, Hanschel, who is considered one of the most extravagant, multifaceted saxophone players and composers of contemporary jazz around, says the audience can expect music they’ve not heard before, in terms of compositions with a twist. “They will remember the beauty of the music long after the concert is over, we hope. It will be a beautiful, sensual experience,” he promises, signing off.
    March 28. At Windmills Craftworks, Whitefield. Tickets (`500) on bookmyshow.com

    — Aakanksha Devi


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