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    Started by four friends Mohit Vijay, Saurav Gupta, Srinjoy Saha and Pranav Prakash, Cookboxes.com will do all the hard work while you can bask in the glory of having cooked a gourmet meal. Each week, they will release recipes designed for easy cooking. All you need to do is choose the recipes and serving size. a�?We pack the raw ingredients for the recipe along with the instructions in a box. All you need to do is follow it correctly,a�? shares Gupta.
    They only deliver on weekends, so if you have ordered in advance, there are also instructions on preserving the ingredients. a�?Currently, we offer European, Asian and Indian cuisine, with a hint of Burmese and Mexican favourites too,a�? Gupta says. And that includes dishes such as mushroom risotto, spaghetti Bolognese, chicken Chettinad, burgers and pastas.
    Prices start at `199 for a box for two. Details: cookboxes.com
    Gourmet delivery
    A new addition to BigBasketa��s family is the Happy Chef, who comes with a mission to a�?bring back the joy of cookinga��. The next time you want to feast on a plate of udon noodles with teriyaki chicken, or a serving of chilli orange chicken with potato wedges on the side, reach out to Happy Chef and all the ingredients (cleaned, chopped and ready to use), will turn up at your doorstep. American, European, Italian or Thai, herea��s a gourmet meal all ready for the final touch. A recipe guide comes along too, so all you need to have are the pans and pots. And they promise fresh ingredients.
    While salads dominate Happy Chefa��s menu, minis and mains pop up in the current list of 31 items (look out for more in the coming months). Currently available only in Bengaluru.
    `250 upwards.
    Details: bigbasket.com
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