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    This new website delivers prepared ingredients to your door step so you can cook like a pro

    Feel like a masterchef with Youjustcook.com, a venture started by Hashi Kushalappa and Suyesh Shankar four months ago. A project that provides you with all the ingredients for a fine meal a�� marinated, chopped and measured so that you can cook and enjoy in the comfort of your home. Youjustcook has a well thought out menu with a selection of Indian, Asian, Mediterranean and continental specials. From veggie stir fries to spaghetti carbonara with mushrooms and parmesan, mushroom quiches, shepherda��s pie, Coorg-style pork curry, Kanyakumari fish curry, chicken xacuti and lamb chops and even a whole leg of lamb in the barbecue section.

    Time crunch
    a�?Ia��ve always wanted to set up a culinary business as I love cooking. And when Suyesh came up with the concept, I just had to explore the possibilities. People do not have the time to go to three or four different supermarkets for ingredients, then do the prep before they finally get down to cooking a meal,a�? says Kushalappa, adding, a�?we get a lot of orders for parties and sit down dinners. The Christmas and New Year weeks were crazy for us.a�?

    Simple pleasures
    Wanting to try this unique experience out ourselves, we ordered the gingered coleslaw salad and Coorg-style pandhi curry. The parcel arrived within 24-hours, just like they promise on the website. Packed in a large cardboard cake box, were neatly sealed ingredients in packets of varying sizes, and two sheets of clear instructions, one for each dish. We started with the pork, which was pre-marinated with ginger and garlic paste. After 15 minutes in the pressure cooker, we added the special pepper powder and kachum puli (tamarind), and squeeze of lemon juice as instructed and effortlessly created a dish that could have come from any Coorg restaurant.
    The salad was even easier as it simply involved tossing together the various veggies a�� bok choy, cabbage, red radish, spring onions, carrots, all finely julienned, and a few stems of lemon grass, into a large bowl. Then, adding an Asian dressing of mayo, yoghurt, ginger and spices with peanuts and coriander leaves as garnish.
    The freshness of the ingredients made both dishes taste perfect. The salad with its varying textures and its Asian twist of unlikely ingredients make it a hit. The succulent, tangy pork went great with a few warm rotis. The whole experience being quite satisfying.

    The website also has a Ready To Eat section with hearty dishes like beef and pork roast and a dessert section with carrot cake and maple butter frosting, Mississippi mud-pie, apple pie as well as sour cream streussel coffee cake.
    Rs600 for four. Details: youjustcook.com

    Rashmi Rajagopal



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