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    Small scale entrepreneurs get a commercial platform with Goodbox

    A medium for small-scale businesses to make their presence felt in the mobile-age, Goodbox promises to help even the neighbourhood milkman find a presence online. a�?We wanted to create an app to make daily commerce easy, especially for those who cannot afford to spend too much on hiring a tech-team who can build an app for them. Ita��s not just expensive but time consuming, too,a�? says Mayank Bidawatka, co-founder and former redBus marketing head.
    Small businesses can host their menu on the app and create business profiles. Goodbox provides mobile app technology to help them effectively compete with online companies. It operates on a WhatsApp-like interface and is easy to use. It can be used on 2G internet connections, too. a�?Usually consumers dona��t wish to download multiple apps to deal with multiple businesses, so the Goodbox app becomes the mega app they can use to deal with all their trusted businesses. Goodbox is a platform and, therefore, has multiple uses, including for something as local as groceries,a�? says Bidawatka.
    For consumers, Goodbox helps users connect, chat directly with businesses and make payments, too. A few of the products and services that one can avail on it includes car and bike rentals, ordering cakes, connecting with interior designers and yoga trainers, and the like. a�?If someone wants to make payments through the app then they need to register by paying Rs 500 -Rs 1,000 per year. However, it is free for those who want to pay cash on delivery,a�? says Bidawatkar. With 40,000 users and 1,200 businesses listed, they have two new apps in the offinga��a Goodbox app for consumers and a Goodbox Partner app for business owners.

    Currently available for Android phones. Details: goodbox.in

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