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    Motorcycle taxi apps like Hey Bob are poised to help you beat the traffic

    Weaving through traffic snarls on a motorcycle taxia��thus reducing commute times and extravagant cab faresa��was something only Goans had enjoyed (since 1981) till now. But two new bike taxi apps want to change the game. Mumbai-based Hey Taxi launched their services in Junea��offering a two-wheeler ride for you or your parcels within city limits. Though they are currently facing a few bumps (specifics surrounding an official government approval are a little murky), they claim they are operational.
    The latest entrant, however, is Bengaluru-based Hey Bob. The motorcycle taxi app was launched two weeks ago by four entrepreneurs. a�?Hey Bob (a play on the local slang) aims to be cost-effective and convenient while leaving minimal carbon footprint,a�? begins co-founder Vishal Kumar, explaining that the Beta version is available on the Google Play store. Once youa��ve registered, the app lets you search for the nearest bike taxi, via GPS, choose a rider and provide your destination.
    With all the riders being hired after extensive background checks, the company also plans to introduce safety features like an SOS button on the app, on-board GPS trackers, and trained female riders. While the 33-year-old says he cana��t confirm the types of bikes they will be using or the fare (a�?as we are awaiting the RTOa��s guidelinesa�?), he says they will soon expand their services to Chennai, too.
    Details: heybobrides.com
    Anoop Menon


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