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    This e-portal A�is the go-to A�marketplace for swim wear and accessories

    With over 600 products listed on their website, gamatics.in, founded by para-swimmer and Arjuna awardee Sharat Gayakwad, entrepreneurs Santosh Patil and Shantala Bhat, is a shopping paradise for swim buffs.
    The e-commerce site meant for swim gear is a first-of-its-kind online marketplace in the country that has top international brands such as Speedo, Arena, Finis, TYR, Puma, Camelbak among other brands on the offing. a�?Earlier, if someone wanted top-of-the-line swimwear products for professional or causal swimming, they either had to ask a friend travelling abroad to buy it for them or source it from dealers who are not easily available,a�? explains Sharat Gayakwad, a multiple Asian Games medalist.
    Through this portal, the founders want to provide high-end equipment to swimming enthusiasts, which they were importing otherwise. The list of products include anti-fog spray for goggles, swim caps, ear plugs, nose plugs to kick boards, water shoes, fins, paddles, snorkeling kit meant for stroke correction and pull boy used for professional training made available on the site. They also have a section for electronics where water-resistant timers and watches are available. From basic swim suits for learners to racing suits like the expensive Speedo Fastskin is available here.
    a�?Athletes who bring pride to the country lack standard products for practising, high-end products for competitions and the right consultations from sport nutritionists and physiotherapists. Our strategy is to first get more customers onto the platform before we launch our analytics engine,a�? Gayakwad says.
    With the cheapest available product at `199, the prices of professional swim suits such as the Speedo Fast Skin are priced at `32,000. The company also promises to have your purchased delivered to your doorstep within five to seven days.
    `199 upwards.
    Details: gamatics.in

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