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    A lot of concepts have not been experimented with on radio simply because the ideas have been too visual. The same idea would fit like a glove when it comes to television but radio is always silenced by the sound. That said,many stations have stumbled upon show concepts that have been totally visual, not voluntarily but only because of the inability to audiolise.

    Television is a space where there is an instant marriage of sound and sight. Radio has its limitations and the best way to overcome handicaps is to integrate newer forms of media, preferably those that accommodate a visual interface that will always be missing on radio. A travel show on the radio would be challenging as one would always prefer to see than hear about destinations that may be on their travel agenda.
    A travelogue on radio would paint those pictures in the listenera��s mind which may be good, bad and ugly depending on how the show has been conceptualised. Radio units today have understood the need for Facebook and Twitter as it allows them to put out that content that is best seen than heard on the radio.

    However, radio is the only medium in the world that can simulate a car crash, fire rockets, create an avalanche, blow up an island, kill the bad guys and the like for absolutely no cost. The only thing required to engineer all of the above and more is the right sound. Which brings us to the point that on radio you can go where no one has gone before, and experiment lavishly as long as you just live, breathe and think sound.
    Other not so well executed radio gigs in the past have been food shows that have failed to bring out the flavour of the concept despite having big names powering it. Ita��s imperative to develop radio versions of visual concepts keeping in mind the latitude radio can provide. Who knows, you could have a Bigg Boss on radioa��the trick will always remain in the designing.

    See you next week!

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