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    Cafe 132 takes you on a whirlwind tour around the world

    31food8Lead6The NEWLY opened Cafe 132 is a charming space, complete with large French windows in a calming turquoise hue, birdcage centrepieces, distressed side tables in a matching shade of blue and antique table fans. The airy cafe is split into an alfresco and indoor area and it being quite a chilly evening, we decided to take a seat indoors. That said, the open air seating is quite inviting if you enjoy a nip in the air. 31Food8lead3
    The menu is eclectic with every cuisine from Goan, Hyderabadi and Tamilian to Chinese, Italian and British included. Opting for something warm and easy to munch on while chatting, we ordered the fish fingers and on second thought, the intriguing seafood rasam.

    Spicy start

    The food took a while to arrive, with the fish fingers served first. The fish fingers come with a side of fries and a creamy mayo dip, which we thoroughly enjoyed. The fingers by themselves did not have us impressed, as though the crumb was nice and crispy, the fish was tasteless and dripping with oil. The rasam however, had us feeling moreish with its aromatic flavours and plenty of spice. Served as a soup, it was everything we were looking for to warm us up. It came with generous amounts of poached prawns, squid and basa cubes and we found them to be perfectly cooked and loved how they tasted with the tangy, spicy, salty rasam.

    Portion sizesCup of coffee with froth and cinnamon are generous here so two main courses might be enough to share between four people. TheA�chicken lasagne and kalimirchi ghosht with steamed rice were our mains of choice. The lasagne came with stringy cheese with tangy and slightly sweet tomato sauce cutting the heaviness and thin sheets of pasta tying it all together a�� we loved every bit of it. The mutton with steamed rice arrived last, with a serving of fresh salada��a nice touch. The curry was punchy with the heat from the black pepper shining through, and worked well with the rice. But the meat was chewy and tough, which affected the whole dish. The place has a different menu for breakfast (which includes continental and Indian) and tea time, with a selection of coffees and teas. `1,000++ for two.
    At 5th Block, Koramangala.
    Details: 41106602
    a�� Rashmi Rajagopal


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