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(From left) Dr Ranganathan Naik, Nirupa Shankar & Suji Shetty; Nicolai Friedrich & Ashvin Gidwani

Hola dahlings! I use this greeting because it is coming out of my ears. Everybody is a�?hola-inga�� me like some type of crazy Spaniard. Either Ia��m a a�?sistaha�� or a a�?chiquitaa��. No, Ia��m a Rubi, all 100 carats of me, and Ia��d like to be called that.

Madhu Natraj & Kiran Ethiraj

Madhu Natraj & Kiran Ethiraj

I wended my way to Ffolio, at the invitation of good friend Yashodhara Shroff to meet celebrity jewellery couturier Pavan Anand of Dagmar (he designs Goldie Hawna��s jewellery), and was floored both by him and his exquisite designs. Buying jewellery, drinking hot coffee and feasting on canapA�s with a dishy designer, is a morning well spent, I say.

Madhu Natraj, danseuse extraordinaire and my soul a�?sistaha��, had a very private wedding celebration over traditional South Indian food and great cocktails. Her significant other, the gentle and amiable Kiran Ethiraj, looked on indulgently as all her friends raised emotional toasts in their honour and some of us ribbed him mercilessly. Looking like a Dresden doll, Madhu glowed with happiness and contentment.

We were invited to High, a new ultra lounge bar on the 31st floor of World Trade Center. The launch

Anisha Bhandari, Pavan & Yashodhara Shroff

Anisha Bhandari, Pavan & Yashodhara Shroff

party buzzed with an eclectic crowd and anybody who was somebody was there. I espied a famous heart surgeon and a renowned orthopedic surgeon, and let myself go, heartily tucking into Thai food and swinging to the music, secure in the thought that there was somebody there to attend to my a�?tickera�� or a fractured bone. I think it should be made mandatory to have at least one doctor on every guest list.

Aswin Gidwani, of Aswin Gidwani Productions, brought down famous mentalist Nicolai Friedrich to the Vivanta by Taj. The uber charming and talented Friedrich, managed to a�?wowa�� the rather staid and serious audience. His banter, inter-personal interaction and his rather incredulous act, won him a roomful of fans. If he migrated to the Himalayas, Ia��m quite sure he would be looked upon as a a�?Godmana��! I, for one, am a believer!

– Rubi Chakravarti (m rubichakravarti@gmail.com)


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