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Cirkus Indigo brings home grown and international acts under one big tent this weekend

When you bring together Rohit Barker, Nikhil Chinapa and Indigo 91.9, you can expect an absolutely wild party. And that is exactly what Trigam Mukherjee, advertising, research and communications head at Indigo 91.9, says Cirkus Indigo will be. The two-day EDM festival will feature 18 acts including international DJs like Alvaro, Rene Amesz, Daddya��s Groove and Stephano Noferini in addition to Ivan, Pravaeen Achary and Tuhin Mehta. Speaking of why EDM was picked despite the deluge of DJs frequenting the city, Mukherjee says it is because it appeals to the biggestA� music advocates a�� teenagers.

a�?EDM is todaya��s pop. The genre has particularly gained immense popularity among the youth as recently, more and more traditional pop stars have used electro beats and DJs in their music,a�? he tells us, adding that the line-up has been chosen to showcase a vast variety of sound although from the same category. a�?Stefano Noferini headlines on Day 1 and Alvaro on the second,a�? he says and expects the energy at the Jayamahal Palace to be electric and the crowds to go completely wild in a�?true Bangalore stylea��. We catch up with the headliners before they take to the stage this weekend.

dvdvDJ Alvaro
It began with Peruvian DJ, Alvaro, filming parties at clubs and then landing gigs at the very clubs as a DJ. And when DJs Tiesto and Hardwell began to play his music, Alvaro knew what he had to do. The 25-year-old tells us more.

Welcome to the Jungle as a hit
There are songs you think will be chart toppers and some which you have no expectations of. This one fell in the latter category. I didna��t even like it, but when Hardwell texted me saying he played it at a gig in Brazil and people loved it, I changed my mind.

DJ or producer
I really love being a DJ. The energy at a show is phenomenal and to see the
reaction of people is the best thing in the world. But being a producer is satisfying because you get to create something absolutely from nothing.

India as a hotspot for music
Seeing the people and the trend here, it certainly is the future of music with a fast growing appetite for varied sounds.

DJ drawback
Flights and waiting at airports. I wish I could teleport to the gig location.

10 years from now, youa��ll bea��
The number one DJ in the world!

Cirkus Indigo
I expect a great big party where everyone is having fun. The crowds always go wild in India so I really hope they enjoy, again.

Stefano Noferini
He is constantly hitting the top of the charts with tracks like This Is Not The Future, Complementary Access and That Sound, and Stefano CultureLead3Noferini will make sure you are on the dance floor every time he is behind the turn tables. The Italian stallion tells us about his journey to the top.

From Florence to the world map
My dream came true with hard work, slowly. Ita��s a long journey, made of music, gigs, and endless hours in recording studios.

Your distinct sound
I play and produce tech and tech house, but I think my sound is mainly personal. I can use minimal or funk sounds, it depends on the moment and on different situations.

Best thing about being a DJ
Meeting new people and experiencing many different cultures.

New talent must have…
Freshness and hunger. They are the key.

Cirkus Indigo
I know the Indian audience is really hot but Ia��m really happy to play in India too, so wea��ll exchange a lot of energy.

Your influences
I think ita��s a mix of funk and electronic music.

Pet hate on stage
I hate when somebody wants to talk to me while Ia��m DJing. A few words okay, but to have a conversation, ita��s impossible!

March 1 and 2. At Jayamahal Palace. Tickets (Rs. 2,100 per day) on bookmyshow.com

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