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    Knife Party and The Bloody Beetroots join the fun at the Smirnoff Experience

    Prepare to let your hair down for what is described as a�?Indiaa��s most unfake Electronic Dance Music festivala��. While last year the Smirnoff Experience was held in Bengaluru, the second edition moves to Mumbai, bringing in Australian duo Knife Party and The Bloody Beetrootsa��the electro house project of Italian musician Sir Bob Cornelius Rifoa��as headliners. Adding a desi flavour to the line-up is Delhi-based rock electronica outfit Dualist Inquiry, as well as Sound Avtar, Sandune and Kris Correya from Mumbai.
    Centre stage
    a�?Right from the artist line-up to the combination of music, Smirnoff Experience is a little unconventional,a�? says Correya, adding that essentially it is a�?a big party where the crowd is equally involved, which is the perfect atmosphere to perform in for every artiste.a�? Revealing that we can expect bass, funk, vocal and jazz elements in his set, he says hea��s most excited about catching up with his fellow Indian artistes, apart from catching some of the big-name acts.
    Making a debut
    These, of course, include Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo, the force behind The Bloody Beetroots, who will be playing in India for the first time. Summing up his sound as a�?digital organic chaosa��, Rifo says there will be a�?a lot of new materiala�� in his set, and that hea��s excited about playing at such an unpretentious festival, as well as hoping to have the chance to a�?soak up the culturea�� and explore the city before continuing on his world tour. a�?Ia��m planning to stay all through the festival, tune into the vibe and enjoy all the acts. I am sure it will be sensational,a�? signs off Correya.
    April 17 at The Dome, VSP Stadium, Mumbai. Tickets at Rs 1,500 upwards on meraevents.com

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