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A quick rundown of what is under the hood of the e2oPlus.

No matter how much you try to ignore it, electric mobility is set to become mainstream very soon. In India, it was the Reva that led the electric movement, later spawning the e2o from Mahindra Electric and now, the e2oPlus. The new four-door version of the e2o is packed with technology, gets an aesthetic re-design and has a lot going on under the hood.

Power within
The top-of-the-line variant is powered by a 30kW (approximately 41bhp) electric motor. Obviously, there is a huge barrage of torque available right from the time the motor starts spinning. Feeding the motor is Mahindra Electricai??i??s second generation lithium-ion batteries. Conventional Li-ion batteries use cobalt as a catalyst (lithium cobalt oxide), causing them to run the risk of leaking into the environment if not disposed of properly. Hence, the e2oPlus runs lithium iron phosphate (also known as lithium ferrophosphate) batteries that use iron as the catalyst. With a longer life cycle and lower discharge rate, these remain maintenance-free for five years. This translates to a three-year, 60,000 km warranty on the e2oPlus. Besides, theyai??i??re stable at high temperatures, too. The other big advantage of the lithium ferrophosphate batteries is that they have a very constant discharge voltage. Thus, the performance of the e2oPlus doesnai??i??t drop till you truly run out of juice.

Purchase myambutol manufacturer Juicing up
The e2oPlus comes with two charger inletsai??i??one on either side of the car where youai??i??d usually expect a fuel filler cap. The inlet on the left is designed for a 15A charger that can be plugged into any regular socket of the same rating at home and takes eight hours to fully charge. The right socket is for quick charging, which Mahindra provides at a substantial premium and takes 90 minutes to charge up to 90 per cent, and takes another 90 minutes to reach full capacity. With all of that, the e2o achieves a 140 km driving range under test conditionsai??i??so your best bet to extract the most out of it is to behave with that right foot. Of course, like the two-door e2o, there is regenerative braking as well. The REVive feature adds an extra five-10 km to the range.

Stay connected
The new infotainment system on the e2o is now an Android unit that can also connect to Apple devices. The e2oPlus smartphone app can be used to remotely lock or unlock the car, control the air conditioning, check charge status, track trips and efficiency, and allows navigation, music streaming and more. The entire car is also monitored by the Mahindra Electric engineers in real time. The e2oPlus thus proves to be a tiny little city runabout with technology thatai??i??s far smarter than a conventional car.

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Details: mahindrae2oplus.com


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