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    Madboy/Minka��s Saba Azad talks about the banda��s latest release and their upcoming projects

    With live guitars, synthesisers and vocals, Mumbai-based duo Imaad Shah and Saba Azad, of the bandA� Madboy/Mink, have created their signature brand of musica��a mix of Electro Funk with old school Harlem swing music. And with the 20-somethings recently launching their second EP album, Union Farm, they are now on a six-city tour to promote it.
    a�?Since last year, after we released our first EP, wea��ve been working nonstop. So we finally asked our manager to give us a break so that we could get back in the studio and record something new. Ita��s been two weeks since the album released and the response has been amazing,a�? says Azad, who is in the city today. The EP has four tracks: Fire in the Street, Powders, Sharaabi and Mousegirl.
    The name, Union Farm, is taken from the lyrics of one of their songs, Powders. a�?The name describes the essence of our sound,a�? she says, adding that they now want to take their two-year-old band to the next level.
    a�?Imaad (Naseeruddin Shaha��s son) and I have a background in theatre, film and music, and I am a trained dancer (from Odissi to contemporary). So we are working towards creating an audio-visual experience that involves visuals, choreography and musical theatre. We want it to work out by the end of this year,a�? she says. In light of their performance in the city, she signs off saying, a�?We love the audience. People here love music and it is nice to play in a city that knows and appreciates music.a�?
    Today, at Vivanta by Taj a�� Connemara, from 9 pm. Details:A� 66000000
    Mayuri J Ravi


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