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    Tara Booksa�� workshop on colouring the pachyderm is also a lesson on Indian traditions

    Make colouring more innovative and interactive for children with this art workshop by Tara Books. The workshop called 8 Ways To Draw An Elephant, at Book Building will let children discover how the celebrated animal can be rendered in varied and rich art traditions such as Meena, Madhubani, Patua, Saora, Pithora and Gond. Held by Paola Ferrarotti from Italy, the workshop will help kids enjoy colouring and decorating the elephants that are in their drawing book. a�?They can dress them up creating patterns or simply retrace the guidelines that appear in light grey. It would be nice to have cheerful kids going back home with the idea that one thing could be done in a lot of different ways,a�? she begins.

    But why the elephant and not any other animal? a�?Together with tigers, peacocks and monkeys, elephants are part of the a�?Indian backgrounda�?. They are big and friendly animals, with a funny trunk and flappy ears that inspire curiosity and affection, and I guess this is the reason they have been reproduced so many times by Indian artists. It was therefore easy for me to decide where to start,a�? says Ferrarotti, who will be teaching for the first time. a�?I have never taught children, but I have always been curious about how they learn and the process of their discovering the world around them. Here at Tara this curiosity has become a real interest which I would like to enhance once I go back to the UK,a�? she says. With a background in branding and advertising, Ferrarottia��s first real introduction to Indian tradition began only six months ago when she came to Tara Books. a�?I fell in love withTaraa��s Art to Wall exhibition, between a kolam and a Meena drawing, I got to know more about these beautiful Indian traditions,a�? she concludes.

    At Book Building, tomorrow, from 4pm onwards. Details: 42601033

    a��Mrinalini Sundar


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