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Speaking to us from the sets of
Homeland in South Africa, Nimrat
Kaur is thrilled to be part of a production
that is a�?sophisticated and
thorougha��. Set to feature in the
upcoming season four, Kaur will
make her foray into American television
starting with the fourth episode,Untitled-32
when Homeland airs in India
in October. Now a self-confessed
Homeland fan, The Lunchbox star
talks to us about what makes her
character click, why she took the
role and how she is looking forward
to being back in India and working
right away.
Tell us a bit about the role.
I play Pakistani intelligence agent,
Tasneem Kureshi, a high-level
operative within the ISI. She is
strong and mysterious, yet what
you see isna��t even close to what
Tasneem really is.
What drew you to this particular
I think the biggest draw was that it
wasna��t a conventional role in the
least. It isna��t often that you get to
play a mean and menacing character!
Yet the show is so engaging.
The way the creators treat it is very
thorough; ita��s really sophisticated.
Your views on Homeland.
To be honest, I never watched
Homeland before. Once I saw the
pilot, I asked for the rest of the seasons
and went on a binge session
when I had a few days off. Now I am
a huge fan, although I dona��t really
get to hang out with Claire Danes
(Carrie Mathison), Rupert Friends
(Peter Quinn) and Mandy Patinkin
(Saul Berenson).
What do you like most about
it as a viewer?
You can never outsmart it. Any
time I try and guess what will happen
next, ita��s something totally
unexpected and youa��re left gobsmacked.
Ita��s unpredictability is
what makes it superior.
Is it different to work in the
TV format?
Apart from the fact that you dona��t
have much time to go through the
script, spend time with the other
actors and discuss things with the
director, working on this specific
series is really like working on a
film set. Ita��s all super fast-paced.
How did you prepare for the role?
Actually I didna��t. I dona��t have anyone
I am close to who could have
been a model so I am relying on the
capable people around me to think
for me and do what they do best. It
is a bit of a challenge to take on
such a role but that is always a lovely
and welcome change from doing
run-of-the-mill roles.
Will your story arc come to an end
this season?
Well, you can never really say if it
completely ends or there is room
for a return. But unless you are in
Homeland heaven, I suppose you
cana��t ever say that it is a definitive
end, whichever way the season may
eventually conclude.
Indian versus American television.
While I dona��t actually follow either,
I think India is lagging behind in
ideas. Pushing boundaries is something
we can learn from the
American industry. Indian shows
all follow a certain formula that is
tried and tested but what is more
interesting would be experimental
shows where you take a risk and
create something vastly different.
Homeland Season 4 airs in
India from October 6 on
Star World Premiere HD
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