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    After games like laser tag and paintball, try solving a tricky situation for fun

    Imagine this. You are walking home with your friends after a movie, when suddenly you fall unconscious and soon find yourselves handcuffed in a dark room. What would you do? Everything you can to escape, right? Freeing India, the real escape gaming centre at Ispahani Centre, puts you in similar situations, where you have to exercise your brains to get out of tricky situations. Spread across 1,200 sq ft, with four rooms in themes like Lost Chambers and Mirror of Love, Freeing India was launched a year ago. And now, they offer a new scenario, with many more coming up soon. Each room has a different scenario with a time limit of 45 minutes to escape. Some rooms can be played by three players, others six. Unlike the other rooms that only have locks and keys, Nuclear Countdown, their newest room, is designed with electro-mechanical technology.

    GAMING1The electro-mechanical technology they use gives you a real world experience (you pull a lever and a door opens behind you). And wea��re informed by owner Murali Bharati that others like laser technology, virtual and augmented reality are also in the pipeline. Upcoming additions could include a space station, pyramid or a treasure cave, he says.

    a�?We are looking to blend in more technologies. For a space station theme, we would perhaps blend electro mechanics and augmented reality,a�? says Bharati.
    With a total investment of Rs 33 lakhs, Bharati was the first to open it in India, in partnership with Freeing, a Hong Kong company.A� a�?Ia��m glad I brought this to India and now it has spread to cities like Bengaluru too,a�? he says, hoping to open the next new room in four months.

    While the city is replete with games like paintball and laser tag, Freeing India is not only fun, but makes you think under the pressure too. So, if you have an inner Sherlock, pay a quick visit to Freeing India at Ispahani Centre, Nungambakkam High Road.

    Entry fee: Rs 250 per player. Details: 8939839999

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