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    A food festival at The Gateway Hotel promises the best of Bengalai??i??s street food. Cheap isoniazid pronunciation
    chefLETai??i??S face itai??i??some of the best Bengali cusine is street food. Keeping that in mind, The Gateway Hotel IT Expressway has kept its focus on some of the all-time favourites in Bengali street food. This comes close on the heels of other promotions and new menus in city hotels that showcased street food specials from different parts of the country. While The Raintree Anna Salai put the spotlight on Amritsari fare, Taj Coromandelai??i??s latest menu upgrade has brought in staples like kappa with a twist (itai??i??s served as a cutlet with mango chutney there). Starting next week, the festival will have Chef Achintya Roy from The Gateway Hotel EM Bypass Kolkata at the helm. With an experience of over 12 years, he joined the Kolkata hotel in 2013.

    The menu curated by Roy is an expansive one. It starts with a fine selection of welcome drinks, namely the tangy kacha aamer panna (raw mango), the sweet indulgence aamer sorbat, the fruity torbuj aar pudinar sorbat (watermelon) and more. Moving on to starters, you will find no-brainer options like chops (in variants of fish, egg and banana flavour), beetroot cutlet, postor bora and more. Among the mains, the aloo peyaj posto, a staple favourite for all Bengalis, is a must-have. Potoler dorma (pointed gourd) will test you with its masala-filled centre while sorshe chingri is another must if you love prawns prepared in mustard. For vegetarians, options are aplenty, with dishes like channar kalia and channar paturi calling all paneer loyalists. As for Indian breads, you can have Esplanadeai??i??s moghlai paratha (an attempt to recreate the paratha found in the popular street food neighbourhood in Kolkata, called Esplanade). Roy will also try to make a version of the very popular fish cutlet found in the renowned cafe-cum-hangout destination Coffee House on College Street.
    November 18-27. Dinner buffet at Rs 1,300 plus taxes. Details: 66802500

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