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    Adding her expertise to the line-up at the Raj Pavilion, is A�visiting chef, A�Manisha Bhasin

    Whether she is plating a kebab meal for the visiting Obamas, giving Bill Clinton an impromptu peek into her kitchen, secretly slipping a guest some non-vegetarian fare or exploring the local cuisine in the city, chef Manisha Bhasina��s passion for food is pretty evident. Entrusted with revamping the menu at The Raj Pavilion, the peppy Bhasin takes the non fussy route to your taste buds, rather like the way she operates at Delhia��s ITC Mauryaa��s West View, with its menu focussing on grilled meats and fresh local produce.

    Favourite things
    On offer at the Raj Pavilion are some of Bhasina��s specials a�� enormous chargrilled prawns in a sea food hot sauce, blackened mackerel fillets topped with a refreshing dollop of avocado salsa and nuggets of colacassia tossed in sago. There are some other appealing choices as well. A moistly tender slowa��braised chicken that had been well brined before the braising, lamb chops with herb rub, rosemary to be exact, and a rich Merlot jus with ever welcome jacket potatoes topped with sour cream and hearty servings of a Mediterranean stew with a light pilaf, sprinkled with hazelnut and parsley. But the winner came via the mains a�� the seared tenderloin done to a medium rare, with just a hint of cajun spice. There are a few adequate selections for vegetarians as well a�� cottage cheese steaks, and a wholesome risotto enriched with goat cheese and chives.
    At ITC Windsor. At Golf Course Road. Details: 22269898

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