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    Five years after she gave us Translate,Vinita A�Passary takes her interpretation of the dyeing technique online

    Known for supporting the striking handwoven and resist-dyed ikat fabrics, Vinita Passary set up her fashion brand a�?Translatea�� in the digital space as Ikatindia.com last month. The revivalist had always believed that ita��s simply a matter of introducing the fabric to a contemporary audience. a�?India has a rich heritage in handlooms with every handloom offering a special character. Earlier the textile was only available as saris and yardage, but today talented designers across the globe are gaining momentum using our textiles to bring unique and wearable designs to a world audience.a�? With stores in Hyderabad and New Delhi, the e store will be offering its usual delectable range of ikat-based apparel and home accessories. We loved the long summer dresses and Translatea��s tradmark multi-hued stoles. Also expect a�� exquisite saris, tops, kaftans, sling bags, cushion covers and more.

    ikatindia3An early start
    Vinita and her husband Vikas Passary started the brand in 2010 and the Hyderabad-based fashion entrepreneur shares that, a�?I am passionate about Indian crafts and textiles. I have worked with them since the age of 21.a�? The couple also owns the fashion boutique, Anonym, in Hyderabad that was started a decade back. Vinita recounts how ikat inspired her to start Translate. a�?I discovered a small weavera��s cluster near Pochampally who were involved in ikat weaving. I was fascinated. After meeting few master weavers and listening to them about how the new generation has nearly given up on weaving, I realised that the craft is gradually receding due to the lack of manpower involved with ikats. A voice inside me insisted that I must involve myself with ikats to create an awareness of this magnificent art form.a�?

    VinitapassaryReaching places
    In the five years since Translatea��s inception, Vinita has not only created awareness but added a new dimension to the fabrica��s future by ensuring it is hip and fashionable. Famous fans of the brand include designer Ritu Kumar, actress Tabu and Shallu, renowned Kuchipudi dancer. a�?Having nurtured contemporary sensibility in fashion trends at Anonym, I realised ikat was a huge connection as its forms are graphical? and have a contemporary note,a�? she adds.
    Prices from `2200 (apparel) and from `500 (home accessories). Details: ikatindia.com

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