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    Do you have a wardrobe full of clothes and accessories languishing away, some even with their tags intact? Spanish expat Isabella Escobedo might just have the perfect solution to de-clutter your wardrobe without you having to throw away anything. Escobedo is organising a clothes swapping party tomorrow along with Indiranagar-based startup and design studio Kanoa, at their space, where you can bring in clothes and accessories and swap them with those belonging to others. And how does it work? a�?You will get coins in lieu of the value of the clothes you bring, with which you swap. In this case, the value is not based on the brand but according to categories such as pants, dresses and jackets (three points); shirts (two points); and accessories (one point). For each of the categories you get certain points with which you can swap,a�? explains
    The expat who has been volunteering with a city-based non profit for over a year, tells us that this swapping party is a pilot and a way to test the market for a soon-to-launch clothes renting library called Clothary. And the reason behind giving a new lease of life to old, pre-loved clothes is a bid to make fashion sustainable and fair, according to Escobedo. She also plans to launch a a�?clothes sharing platform, a giant common wardrobea�� (with an online as well as a physical store) in July, whereby paying a monthly rate, you can rent up to four items of clothing until you get bored and give them back to the store for someone else to enjoy. Her inspiration for starting Clothary came from clothes swapping, a common practice in the United States, according to Escobedo. She believes that her business plan will work on trust, so donations to her clothes library or shop is based on the fact that the clothes and accessories will come in good condition and maintain a high hygiene standard.
    At Indiranagar. Details: 9611060109 or log on to theclothary.wordpress.com
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