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Tovo Infusions offers a seared version of the bird that promises to be juicier than the competition

TOVO3Most people will ask you to bite into a piece of chicken. But Arun Prasanth insists you poke every piece of chicken that leaves his kitchen. And if youa��re not up to it, he will bring a sharp stick and poke it for you. If ita��s cooked right, the infusion that you ordered will come squirting out. Welcome to the world of infused chicken. a�?Ia��ve had chicken every way possible. But theya��re all dry and devoid of taste below the surface,a�? says Prasanth.A� a�?So I did a bit of experimenting and came up with the concept of infusing flavours and sauces within the chicken, to make it moist and tasty all the way through,a�? adds the Trichy lad, who has studied in the UK and worked with Barclays, before setting up Tovo Infusions on RK Salai. The whole process of infusion is laid out on your table mat and by the time you run your eye through the chemistry-like process, your food will be served. Much like Nandoa��s, the chicken is available in three portions and can be served either plain or in a burger or flap, a�?Wea��re focussing on the flavours for now. But wea��ve got very serious expansion plans in the next year,a�? he says.
TOVO7What you get
With a simple menu and retro-rock style interiors, Tovo looks like a diner from downtown NYC, but with a heart thata��s very desi. When the chicken reaches us, Prasanth gives it several pokes before a drizzle of cheesy herb infusion trickles out. a�?Wea��re still working it out, but the inside will be great,a�? he smiles, ahead of the restauranta��s full-scale launch this weekend. There are a few basic mocktails and desserts to complement the chicken, but honestly, the meat is so juicy, Colonel Sanders may have been worried. The options are divided between cheese, herbs, buttery and spicy onion and can be topped off with herbs and spices. And in case youa��re wondering what Tovo means, the answer is nothing, a�?We wanted it to be on top of the internet search. No one else has this name,a�? Prasanth laughs.
A whole portion of chicken is priced at Rs.620. Details: 8144114466

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