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A digital platform that leaves you in splits and gives talent a push

You may have laughed at The Sonam Kapoor Selfie Song, Mumbai on FriendZone, or the phenomenon called Gore Gote a�� a video mocking feminine fairness creams for intimate areas of the body. But you probably didna��t know that the creators of the hilarious videos are Indiaa��s only YouTube certified company. Culture Machine, created by Sameer Pitalwalla and Venkat Prasad, both digital veterans who worked with Disney and Youtube respectively. Pitalwalla, tell us more about the digital world, different kinds of entertainment and how viral videos are essentially about accurate data.

CultureLead8Global digitalisation
We created Culture Machine to marry great technology with great content, to create amazing digital video entertainment for South Asians, globally. More content is uploaded to YouTube in two days than all of broadcast media, worldover, has created in the past 50 years.

Your inspiration
Data. Our technology platform crunches tons of data across video platforms to gauge what is performing and what is working. Even with comedy, we use data to measure how well the content has done and use statistics to improve the narrative and experience.

Online launchpad
We have a team that finds talent, but a lot of talent finds us as well, through referrals as well as word of mouth. We work with creators across the board, giving them access to our production facilities such as the studio and equipment, helping them understand the platform better and keeping them abreast of changes (good creators already know this), in addition to marketing and promotions.

CultureLead5The Gore Gote clip
Varun Thakur, a part of Schitzen Giggles, is a stand-up comedian, who had created and performed Gore Gote for over three years, on stage. He plays the role of the man unable to find a wife. It began as a stand-up act performed around the country by Thakur to make a comment on how India was obsessed with fairness creams for every body part except testicles.

Reflecting society
Some videos reflect society, othersA� influence it, still others merely entertain. Our creators read the trends, and often, ignore them and set the trends, while our engineers create technology that helps all of this scale and work.

Coming soon
We have over 200 creators and 300 channels. And a lot of projects on going. Whichever it is, if we are successful, you should see it shared on your Facebook timeline, Twitter or Youtube news feed. Or better yet, be the one sharing it! Details: culturemachine.com

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