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    Chennai Express Biryani makes its patrons feel like royalty

    As it turns out, this is where the barons and overlords of Chennai’s IT world descend for a meal, thrashing out matters of supranational significance over bowls of spicy curries, slow-cooked seasoned rice and fiery kebabs. (Likely glossing over minor quirks in the menu, such as the “manchew” soup.) The spread on offer might not be the stuff of lucullan repasts as of say, the ITC Grand Chola or the Hyatt Regency.


    There’s sufficient room yet at this snug eatery, about nine months old and favourably located outside the Chennai Trade Centre, to tuck one’s weighty belly behind a table, and devour plates of grilled meat like a bon vivant given to stately pleasures of the spit and skewer.
    Our lunch of chicken biryani and pepper bbq, served in courtly measure, left us in a state of surfeit, idly licking morsels of the richly spiced rice and juicy meat off our fingers. A falooda, to even out the bite, was in order, even as the marinades laid out for the evening seemed all too enticing. We’re certain to return for the vanjaram varuval and sea food. Until then, we’d have to work off the excesses of our princely pretensions.
    Open daily 11 am-11 pm. Average cost for two `700. Details: 22332211
    — Jaideep Sen


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