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    2014 was not an easy year to vie for attention. Aamir Khan had to literally drop his pants and cover his family jewels with a retro transistor. Kim Kardashian had to bare her galaxy-sized rear to break the Internet. Smriti Irani had to pull out her six-day Yale degree to acquire a smidgen of respectability. And Mangalyaan had to cover 650 million kilometres to get the earthlingsa�� approval.
    Given this need for ultra-showmanship, is it possible to make heads turn by merely using a name? 6-5=2 is a stand out case. The perplexing equation is the title of a Kannada horror flick, made on a shoestring budget. When the director didna��t have an extra dime for publicity, he decided to tease his audience with a cryptic name with viral value. The trick paid off. The 30-lakh film went on to collect 1.5 crores at the box office.
    The niche English movie, Finding Fanny, was an equally bold attempt. Fanny is ostensibly the nickname of Stephanie Fernandes in the road trip comedy. But Homi Adajaniaa��s audience got the naughty double entendre and showed up to cheer for his cunning stunt.
    Sulemani Keeda (meaning: pain in the butt) and Fugly (Slang for effin ugly) tried the same formula and got tongues wagging. Likewise, punk girl band, Childbirth, took the Indie music world by storm with their iconic number on one-night stands that goes I Only F*ked You As A Joke. Fortunately for them, the joke became a chartbuster.
    Being irreverent is not the only mantra for grabbing eyeballs. Sometimes length should suffice. Disney opted for the longest movie title of the year with Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, much against the wishes of some marketing executives. But the gamble worked. Director Shankara��s one letter I is the polar opposite, which will reap its dividends come January.
    Among other newsmakers, Megan Fox caused a splash by naming her child Bodhi Ransom. Recording artiste Azaelia Banks courted fame with her classily named debut album Broke with Expensive Taste. Irish author Eimear McBride earned hosannas for her first novel with the very evocative A Girl is a Half Formed Thing. South London band, Fat White Family, continues to tickle curiosity with their unusual moniker. But personally, my pick of the year, is the New York pork joint, Arrogant Swine. Youa��ve got to give it to them for going the whole hog.


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